Court Certified Interpreter and Translations

Confidential oral or written translation, with or without certification of court interpreters, produced in the short term, at an affordable price and under conditions that are tailored to your needs, at the level of quality proven over many years of successful cooperation with clients in Serbia and around the world.

Court Certified Interpreter Written translations Interpreting Prices and Payment Terms

Court Certified Interpreter

Translation certified by a court certified interpreter at short notice and at an affordable price with delivery to your address


Get your translation in three easy steps:

1. Scan the original document to be translated (if you do not have a scanner, you can scan at a nearby copy shop) or simply photograph it with your mobile phone or digital camera.


2. Send us a scanned or photographed document via email or MMS.

We will get back to you with the most competitive price and term of service.


3. Delivery or pick-up of the translation at your convenience:

- Pick-up of your the certified translation in central Belgrade (Zeleni Venac), at the time that suits you best;

- Fast courier delivery of the certified translation to the desired address in Serbia or globally, at the time that suits you, at minimal cost.

- A scanned version of a certified translation is delivered to you via e-mail. This service is free of charge.


The quality of translation as well as confidentiality is guaranteed by the experience of over ten years in translation and the status of a permanent court interpreter.

Our clients are top international and national institutions, companies from Serbia and abroad, law firms, educational institutions, individuals ...

Our proven quality is key to successful operation since 2011 within the agency, and for over ten years in the profession.

We have a common goal - your satisfaction.

Written translations

Written translation is characterized by confidentiality, high quality standards, respect of agreed deadline, and competitive pricing.

More than ten years of successful cooperation with many clients in Serbia and the world is a guarantee of reliability and quality of the translation, which is certified by the appointment as court interpreter or translator.

Court interpreters are appointed on a competitive basis and take an oath in court.

They are required to meet the set criteria in terms of expertise, experience and be fit and proper for the appointment.

The fulfillment of these conditions is proved and checked by the competent authorities in the prescribed legal procedures.

Each of our translations, whether written and oral, certified or not, is of the quality guaranteed by the appointment.


Certified Translations

Although they do not differ in quality, the certified translations carry an official confirmation of the translation fidelity to the original and can be used in legal transactions.

Certified translations bear no territorial restrictions – they are valid in the entire territory of Serbia and around the world.


Notarization of Certified Translations (Apostille)

In addition to the certification of the translation, it is possible to have it legalized or equipped with an apostille (just as it is possible to legalize the original translated document) in court by an international convention.

This confirms the authenticity of the signature of the document signatory and the stamp on the document.

Notarization is done by the court of territorial jurisdiction based on the place of issuing the document to be notarized.

So, if a contract is signed or diploma or a certified translation issued in Belgrade, it can be notarized exclusively in a court in Belgrade.



Competent bodies in the line of certification are: basic court, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic – consular office of the country in which the document will be used.

These additional certifications may be required by certain employers abroad. When this is the case, they explicitly stress these requirements.

In most cases, it is sufficient to use a translation of the document translated and certified by a court interpreter.



Certified translation of a document is an accompanying document which is valid only with the original document. The certification of the translation communicates to the foreign entity that the translator of one state is officially authorized in accordance with the state legal framework to draft translations into a specific language.

Certified translation is valid without territorial limitation.

Apostille is issued by the state which is the issuer of the notarized document and is used in the territories of all countries which are signatories to the Convention with the power of public document of any of the signatory countries. 


Authenticity of the Original Document

When certifying a translation, a court interpreter does not check the authenticity of the original document.

The certification only confirms faithful translation of the original, which was produced to the translator and a copy of which is enclosed with a certified translation.

When providing the legalization (notarization), the court does not check the authenticity of the document that it legalizes (diplomas, etc.,) but only confirms that the document is valid in legal transactions in Serbia.


Oral Interpretation: in a meeting, on location, at an event (forums, conferences ...), but also by phone or via Skype. Interpreting is the face of the institution or company that organizes a professional or business event.

Reputable standard of service has been confirmed in the events for the national and international audiences, media, professional community, small and large gatherings.

These are challenging and stressful situations and experience that we have ensures that the oral interpretation reflects the stature and the professionalism of each client in situations in which contribute to building an image of the company, institution or official who uses the interpreting.

Interpreting is a complex set of skills. All these must be implemented simultaneously: analytical listening and production in another language, properly conveying meaning in every detail and professional translation despite all the challenges. Often there are unforeseen circumstances, technical challenges and in some cases the context and themes can be emotionally and morally tinted. All these issues are solved by an interpreted seamlessly and quickly, with discipline and neutrality that are a function of absolute professionalism.

Interpreting may be simultaneous or consecutive.


Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is organized with the use of audio-video equipment; an interpreter produces the translation simultaneously with the speaker of the source language, and the audience follow through wireless headphones.

The standard of the profession requires that interpreters switch at intervals of no more than 30 minutes, so it is necessary to work in pairs.

Apart from audio equipment, simultaneous translation can also be delivered as whispered to the ear of the translation user (Chuchotage).


Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is oral interpreting during which the speaker pauses after every few sentences. The interpreter then produces the translation. Next the speaker continues in the source language. The speaker and the interpreter take turns. It is possible to perform this kind of translation from a remote location, by phone or over the Internet.

Prices and Payment Terms

Short deadlines and high quality translations are provided at favorable prices and payment terms.

The agency is VAT exempt so the clients have no additional financial burdens based on invoices or contracts with the agency (the price is gross to the client, no additional duties for taxes and contributions as these are covered by the agency).

Payments can be made by bank transfer or in cash.

Translation can be paid by postal order or cash on delivery (for a certified translation).


The payment term is usually 10 days after delivery of the translation.

• Price per page for certified translation is EUR 10.

• Price per page for uncertified translation is EUR 9 per page.

• Proofreading and certification is priced EUR 3 per page.

• Oral interpreting is charged EUR 50 per hour, with a discount of 50% for all-day engagement.

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